The Team

Who is the core team behind Frolic’s Haunt?

Frolic’s Haunt is a massive undertaking that required 60+ volunteers in 2017. We have a five-person “core team” that are the disembodied brains of the Haunt. Our core team is crucially supported by the 60+ “ghouls” (our regular volunteers) that assist us as they can throughout the year. Ghouls may attend most or some meetings, or work only on the Haunt weekend. Our core team members attend every meeting to work, supervise, and teach our ghouls.


Robin, Haunt overlord and host21731660_10154717246717260_4706592252065737556_o

Robin’s skill-set includes more than fifteen years of costume-making and prop-making, as well as moderate carpentry and design experience.

Since childhood, Halloween has always been Robin’s favorite holiday. They’ve never forgotten the joy they felt when attending neighborhood home haunts and they love using their skills to create that joy for others. They have invisible disabilities so they’re passionate about accessibility for all.





Kat Singer's profile pictureKat, Artistic Director

Kat is a multimedia artist, maker, activist and educator based in Toronto.

As our Artistic Director, Kat is responsible for designing and painting backdrops, envisioning how to create our props and then building them, handling all matters relating to the visual appearance and crowd flow of our sets and props, creating signs for our Haunt, and many more tasks. Kat both builds things themself and acts as teacher to our many ghouls, helping them learn the skills they need to make our Haunt look amazing.





Liz, Ghoul Mother 21687680_10156292065809947_4952461257474444434_n

When she’s not zipping around the universe with the Doctor, Liz loves spending precious moments with her son and watching the competitions on the Food Network.

As our Ghoul Mother, Liz is responsible for the health and welfare of our ghouls (particularly important on the weekend of the Haunt itself!) and managing our social media. At the event itself she keeps everyone on track, prepared for when they’re going on and off shift, and handles visitor questions.





14199532_1776467465957885_2199679178097035547_nClara, Technical Director

Clara is an artist, maker and all round creative person based in Toronto.

Clara’s background is in theatre design and as our Technical Director, Clara is responsible for designing and building our sets to high safety standards, designing and creating reliable and effective props, helping to install everything, and planning our electrical and A/V systems. Clara plays a crucial role in teaching our ghouls the skills needed to assist with all technical aspects of the Haunt.





Christina, Community Outreach Director22815296_954548476630_5405710998046084337_n

Christina is a busy parent to two young ones who take up a great deal of her time. Her whole family gets in on the Haunt, as her husband is also a ghoul and one of her children enjoys scare acting.

As our Community Outreach Director and an extremely organized person, Christina is responsible for creating and maintaining lists of disability organizations, doing outreach to those organizations so their clients can come enjoy the Haunt, keeping track of our many ghouls, and much more. She also works hands-on with the Haunt, assisting in building and decorating our sets and props. At the Haunt she is one of our two Barkers, responsible for welcoming people to the event, explaining the Haunt rules, and being our first point of contact between the Haunt and our visitors.




Youth Liaison Team


Connor is the official Kid Liaison for Frolic’s Haunt, responsible for figuring out what our child visitors might enjoy. He can be found attending all the planning and propmaking meetings for the Haunt, as well as acting in the Haunt itself. In his spare time he enjoys video games and parkour.








Gavin is our official Teen Liaison for Frolic’s Haunt, lending his Internet skills to assist in the Haunt, helping hands-on with projects, and being one of the Haunt actors. During his off-time he enjoys programming with Scratch and keeping up on the latest memes.