Community Service

We qualify to offer Community Service hours for Ontario high school students. If you’re a high school student and are interested in getting your 40 Community Service hours while learning skills at a haunted house, contact us! Depending on the time of year, we have three-hour planning and/or prop-making meetings a minimum of twice a month or a maximum of three times a week (though your presence isn’t required at every meeting; just come to the ones you’re able to attend). We also have longer shifts the day before the Haunt, the day of the Haunt itself, and the day after the Haunt.

If you’re interested, sign up here and we’ll email you with shifts available. 

These schools are on our Approved list, meaning that I’ve talked with them already (but if yours isn’t here, don’t worry, you can still get your hours through us! It just means I need to call your school guidance office to touch base, since I only contact schools after someone from that school signs up):

  • Albert Campbell CI
  • Downsview SS
  • Glenforest SS
  • Harbord CI
  • Loretto Abbey Catholic SS
  • Loretto College
  • Madonna Catholic SS
  • Marshall McLuhan Catholic SS
  • Sir John A MacDonald CI
  • The Study Academy
  • William Lyon Mackenzie CI
  • York Mills CI