Choose Your Scare

Our “Choose Your Scare” system allows each group that goes through the Haunt to tailor the experience to their desires.

  1. Those who want “low scare” will be given an LED camping lantern to carry with them. This serves two purposes: the light from the lantern significantly increases the brightness and decreases the effect of our mood lighting, and it tells our actors to stay back and not interact with these visitors.
  2. Those who want “medium scare” will be given a flashlight. This does less to decrease the effect of the mood lighting, and our actors will know they can approach these visitors (though jump-scares are prohibited).
  3. Those who want “high scare” go through the Haunt as-is; they’ll receive the full effect of our lighting and our actors know that these visitors are looking for a thrill. While Frolic’s Haunt is a no-contact haunt (actors are not allowed to physically touch visitors), there’s still plenty we can do to scare folks who enjoy being scared!