7 days left!

I can’t believe it’s only a week until the Haunt! Today will be our last Actor Training (out of three; it takes a few sessions to train all the actors!) and our last Propmaking meeting when everything gets wrapped up. All the major props are complete and functional, there are just the fiddly little details to finish in order to make them look exactly how we want. Our Set-up team is ready for next Friday, all our Ghouls and Makeup Artists and ASL Interpreters and Actors are ready for next Saturday, and the Tear-down team is ready for Sunday.

5 PM has been totally booked and removed from our Reservations list; several other time slots are close to being full. I love thinking about the excited kids looking forward to the Haunt, and all the excited volunteers looking forward to making those kids’ experiences amazing. I feel so lucky to get to be at the center of this awesome team of people.