29 days to go and demand is already high

Hey folks, if you’ve visited the site recently you’ll notice some changes, including on our flyer. Demand is already higher than we’d originally expected, and in the interests of avoiding having hundreds of people wait for hours to get in (or worse yet, we have to turn people away), we’ve changed the way we’re handling attendance. Visitors now have to reserve a time slot in order to attend, and there’s a cap on the number of reservations we’re accepting for each half-hour block. The address information has been removed from the website to discourage walk-ins (visitors without reservations), because it looks like we’ll be filled to capacity with our reservations alone.

We’d already contacted a number of disability organizations with our old flyer and information, but if you’re visiting us after seeing one of those flyers, *please* don’t just show up. Reserve your time, because I’d hate to have you come by and then we have to tell you we won’t be able to let you in because we’re already booked.

One last piece of advice: reserve as early as you can, because spots are already going way faster than I’d expected. To be honest until a few days ago I’d originally hoped that we might get a hundred visitors this year. Then I set up our reservation system a few days ago and, even though it’s still September, with the reservations we’ve gotten in just the last 36 hours we’re already close to meeting our original attendance goal. It’s only going to get busier as we get closer to Halloween.

I’m looking forward to seeing y’all (well, as many of y’all as our Haunt can manage!) in 29 more days!