22 days to go!

All the walls are built, so the Ghouls have been working on finishing up many different props. The workshop is becoming more and more crowded, but that’s just how it goes before Halloween! Last Wednesday’s meeting (shown here) was quieter than normal due to folks being out sick, but the eight of us still managed to get plenty done.

Reservations continue to come in, and 5 PM and 6:30 PM continue to be our most popular time slots. Once a time slot gets filled, I’ll remove the ability to select it in the Reservations system and visitors who reserve after that will have to choose different time slots. (Just a reminder: due to the high demand, we’re now requiring reservations rather than risking the long wait times that come along with drop-in events. Reserving ensures your entry and means you won’t have to wait for hours.)

The Ghouls and I are so excited that the Haunt is happening in just over three weeks!