Haunt 2017 is done.

Tonight was amazing. We had nearly two hundred attendees, including many kids and adults with accessibility needs. We had kids that were so excited they were shaking, including kids in wheelchairs who had never been to a Haunt before. There were so many smiles from kids and parents afterward.

Our high-school actors who were struggling so hard during the Actor Orientations, mortified just to try and make a goofy sound in front of other people, soon were working even when they were supposed to be off-shift, because they were having so much fun scaring people and they didn’t want to stop.

This was the first year for Frolic’s Haunt. We were starting from scratch and there was so much to do, and with our amazing team, we made it happen.

My two Head Ghouls, Christina and Kat, put in untold hou...

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5:30 PM and 6 PM have now been removed from the Reservation system. 7:30 PM and 8 PM are the only available time slots.

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Listen and watch for us!

Frolic’s Haunt is going to be on CBC morning radio tomorrow (Friday) at 8:20 AM. Our Haunt Overlord Robin and Artistic Director Kat are going to be in Friday’s Metro newspaper!

I anticipate that our last remaining spots will fill up quickly after the media attention. After we hit capacity in all our time slots, I’ll go through the handful of cancellations I’ve received and add them to the system, which will cause some time slots to reopen. So if you come to the site and it looks like every time slot is gone, check back in half an hour; time slots may have become available.

After we reach the point of full capacity and the additional cancellation spots also get filled, I’ll announce here that registration/attendance is closed for 2017.

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Four days to go!

Several more time slots have filled and been removed from the Reservations list. The only time slots that still have space are 5:30 PM, 6:00 PM, 7:30 PM, and 8:00 PM. If you want to attend this year’s Haunt, I strongly recommend you sign up for one of the remaining slots ASAP. (And if you’re a local planning on coming to the Haunt as a walk-in, I strongly advise you to reserve a time instead; priority entry is given to people with reservations, so you may be waiting a very long time to get in if you show up as a walk-in. Reserving your entry time means you’ll get into the Haunt in a timely fashion.)

On a different note, today I walked into a store and when the cashier asked me for the account name, I said, “Frolic’s Haunt...

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6 days to go!

The 5 PM and 6:30 PM time slots have been removed from the Reservations list because they’re already full. Several other time slots are close to being full.

For folks who are visiting our site after seeing signs up in your neighborhood: the vast majority of attendees at our Haunt are people from all over the GTA who have reserved their time. All groups with reservations are given priority to enter, so if you choose to attend as a local walk-in, you’ll have to wait until everyone who has a reservation for that time slot (and potentially the next time slot) has gone through first. So while you *can* attend as a walk-in, we strongly recommend that you reserve your time because then you’re guaranteed to get into the Haunt a lot quicker. Nobody – particularly children – enjoys a long wait. :)

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7 days left!

I can’t believe it’s only a week until the Haunt! Today will be our last Actor Training (out of three; it takes a few sessions to train all the actors!) and our last Propmaking meeting when everything gets wrapped up. All the major props are complete and functional, there are just the fiddly little details to finish in order to make them look exactly how we want. Our Set-up team is ready for next Friday, all our Ghouls and Makeup Artists and ASL Interpreters and Actors are ready for next Saturday, and the Tear-down team is ready for Sunday.

5 PM has been totally booked and removed from our Reservations list; several other time slots are close to being full...

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Volunteer Toronto Youth Expo

2017YouthExpoLRWe were at the Volunteer Toronto Youth Expo yesterday with our “Pop-Up Haunt” booth! Haunt Overlord Robin and Head Ghoul Kat spent three hours talking to many enthusiastic students about Frolic’s Haunt and signing up new volunteers. Our booth generated a lot of attention; none of the other 100+ attendees had anything like it and people really enjoyed us bringing a bit of our Halloween spirit to the event.

For folks who signed up with us at the event or through the website afterward: all emails have now been sent in response to the signups we’ve received...

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22 days to go!

All the walls are built, so the Ghouls have been working on finishing up many different props. The workshop is becoming more and more crowded, but that’s just how it goes before Halloween! Last Wednesday’s meeting (shown here) was quieter than normal due to folks being out sick, but the eight of us still managed to get plenty done.

Reservations continue to come in, and 5 PM and 6:30 PM continue to be our most popular time slots. Once a time slot gets filled, I’ll remove the ability to select it in the Reservations system and visitors who reserve after that will have to choose different time slots. (Just a reminder: due to the high demand, we’re now requiring reservations rather than risking the long wait times that come along with drop-in events...

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29 days to go and demand is already high

Hey folks, if you’ve visited the site recently you’ll notice some changes, including on our flyer. Demand is already higher than we’d originally expected, and in the interests of avoiding having hundreds of people wait for hours to get in (or worse yet, we have to turn people away), we’ve changed the way we’re handling attendance. Visitors now have to reserve a time slot in order to attend, and there’s a cap on the number of reservations we’re accepting for each half-hour block. The address information has been removed from the website to discourage walk-ins (visitors without reservations), because it looks like we’ll be filled to capacity with our reservations alone.

We’d already contacted a number of disability organizations with our old flyer and information, but if you’re visiting us a...

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Reserve your time

There are a limited number of spaces available for each half-hour block, so reserve early to get your choice. Due to high demand, a reservation is the only way to enter the Haunt.


Click here to Reserve Your Spot!

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