About Frolic's Haunt

We believe everyone deserves to have fun on Halloween! Frolic's Haunt, launching in 2017, will be Toronto's first accessible home haunt (a "home haunt" is a non-commercial haunted house, located in a private residence and run for the sheer joy of it). We will be fully wheelchair accessible and inclusive of as many other disabilities as possible.

Join Us

Frolic's Haunt is a community initiative and we need your help! Do you want to get hands-on, share your knowledge, or learn how to make props and backdrops? Do you want to donate or assist? Are you disabled and want to give input?

Other Haunts

If you have an accessible home haunt or commercial haunted house anywhere in the world, let us know! We're compiling a list of accessible haunts to post here, to make it easy for folks to find wheelchair-friendly Halloween entertainment.